Tool for scripting SQL Server Agent Jobs

I recently created an open-source tool that will create a T-SQL script file containing code to recreate whatever jobs you presently have in SQL Server Agent for any given SQL Instance, up to SQL Server 2012 SP1.

The tool requires SQL Server 2012 SP1 Server Management Objects and SQL Server System CLR Types:

SQL Server System CLR Types (x86)
SQL Server Shared Management Objects (x86)

The tool itself is named MVCTSQLJobScripter and can be downloaded from:

The utility takes several command-line parameters, as below, which necessitates running it from the command prompt, cmd.exe.

MVCTSQLJobScripter.exe /server:localhost /outfile:C:\temp\AgentJobs.sql

The GitHub repository contains the source code for the tool at:

As expected, this tool comes with no warranties, express or implied, and is use at-your-own-risk.